Esper Homes is dedicated to customer care and quality first and foremost. My goal is to build a uniquely tailored home to fit perfectly with you and your family’s lifestyle. By placing customer care, meticulous attention to details, and craftsmanship at the top of my priorities, we can make the journey of the building process simple, straight forward, and enjoyable!

Meet Brian Esper

Hello and thank you for your interest in Esper Homes – my name is Brian Esper. I am a licensed and fully insured custom home builder in the Greater Grand Rapids area.

My life in the building industry started when I was 14 years old, working my summers away with my Uncle, who was a builder. He was extremely hands on when it came to his projects, doing the framing, carpentry, wood flooring installation, siding, and painting. What I enjoyed most over the years with him was the carpentry and the painting.

As I progressed through high school and college I continued perfecting my trade skills, especially in custom cabinetry, trim work, and painting. I started a painting company during college, allowing me to work alongside new residential builders and pick up furniture and cabinetry projects. After graduating from GVSU, I started doing full on home renovations. From there I built my first house, and Esper Homes was formed.

My painting company now works for Esper Homes, giving me the unique ability to control and provide you with the best trim and cabinetry finishes. Using the knowledge I have obtained over the years and my desire to always be learning and coming up with new ideas for my homes, I am excited to use these skills to make your home your dream home!

Next to customer care, the quality of the homes I build is my highest priority. Your home’s craftsmanship and finish work will be some of the best in GR!