Initial Meet & Design:

  • The initial meeting is an interview. The building process should be a fun an exciting time; you’re about to build your dream home! That said, everyone needs to be comfortable and trusting with each other to make this relationship work. For my part I will always make things as transparent as possible. When we make it to the bid stage everything will be there for you to look at and see where all your hard earned money is going. This is also the time that we discuss what your dream home looks like. We’ll discuss the type of home you’d like to build, size, needs, wish list items, and get an idea where you’d like your building budget to be.
  • Once we know the basics of what you’re looking for in your home, we’ll sit down and start the design phase. I work with a local architect here in town and we’ll set up a meeting with him to start the initial design of the home. During this design phase, it is important to sit down and start mapping out all of the finishes for the home. The more decisions we make at this stage the smoother and faster the build will go when we get started. On completion of the plans we’ll get them out for bidding immediately.

The Bid:

  • I will send the prints out to my network of suppliers and contractors.  I’ll communicate the specifications of what you are looking for in order to choose the right materials for your home.  Upon receiving all my supplier and contractor bids, I will put everything together and we’ll set up a time to meet and review everything.  You will know the financial cost to build your home, and where every dollar is going.  We will review everything that is included in the home and make sure that everyone’s expectations are aligned. 

Contract and Timeline:

  • It’s almost time to get started! We have the design, we have the budget set, and all we need now is to sign the building contract and finalize the construction loan. At this time we’ll go over everything again and address any questions and or concerns that you may have. A timeline will be presented to you at this time. It will describe the schedule of the different parts of the build, and when final decisions will have to be made by for any items not already decided upon.

The Build:

  • Your Dream Home is finally becoming a reality! This is where all the leg work that was done in the earlier stages in picking out finishes will help the build process stay on track and run smoothly. I will also be setting up times to meet onsite and go over where we are at, what’s next, figure out any undecided items that still need to be decided upon, and address any questions that might have arisen.


  • The construction is complete on your new home! Now it’s time to learn how to take care of it. Everything in your home is new. We will do a walk through and show you have to operate and maintain all the items in your home. We will also leave you a binder with all of the user manuals for future reference. Now call the movers and start enjoying you dream home!


  • Due to the quality of the products that go into each home I build and the craftsmanship that is applied into the building of these homes, a 1 year warranty is offered for every home.